Friday, November 28, 2014


None of us need ever fear that we don't have an active imagination, because imagination is mostly a willingness to entertain a strange idea now and then.

‒ Bert Dodson

I never had a reliable definition of imagination, but the one offered by Bert Dodson, author of "Keys of Drawing", is one that I find truly wonderful.  If anything, it demystifies this thing called imagination, generally viewed as a desirable quality possessed by a minority of people.  If we are to believe the above quote, we are all imaginative, despite what we may tell ourselves.  I think that all of us have strange ideas, and that some of us do entertain a strange idea from time to time.  I know I do.  For me, such an activity arouses enthusiasm and curiosity, opens the door to new discoveries, and makes it possible to conceive even stranger ideas.  Moreover, in a society where conformism is frequent, I need a regular dose of strange ideas to keep my sanity in check.

What remains to be done is to make these ideas a reality.

The only difference between creative people and so-called non-creative people is that creative people welcome their strange ideas.

‒ Bert Dodson

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