Sunday, April 19, 2015

love and responsibility

You infer that your WHY is the result of "a habit of repressing things — not just my favorite ideas — when feeling intimidated by the masses or by authority".

Actually, it has nothing to do with feeling intimidated. It has nothing to do with the masses or with authority. The former is only a symptom, whereas the latter only serves to provoke the symptom.

It has everything to do with you. You don't love your favorite ideas enough, and instead of loving them enough to express them, you fear them and then blame the masses and authority for intimidating you.

You have found out that when you love your favorite ideas enough to express them in presence of the masses and authority, you do not feel intimidated by the masses and authority.

Actually you feel empowered.

And when you are feeling empowered, there is no room in consciousness for feeling intimidated. By anyone, including yourself.