Tuesday, April 1, 2014

why this blog exists

It was on this day a year ago that I launched this blog and that I announced its arrival right after to a select few.  Little did I know what to expect going forward.  Will I be able to keep this up?  Will this make any difference?  Would people be interested in reading this?  Those were but a few of the questions that occupied my mind at the time.

While some questions still lack clear answers, I thought that it would be neat to list the top ten reasons why Operation Blog exists, à la David Letterman.

So here we go!


10. Because it can.

9. Because I am bored and in need of something to do.

8. Because I am yet another angry black man.

7. Because these are interesting times we live in.  Interesting times get recorded.  Interesting times get recounted.

6. Because I want to live more in the present.  To do so, I must liberate my mind.  For real.

5. Because I do not want to get more drugged up on self-help literature than I already am.  Even though I find these books useful and sometimes influential, they reflect someone else's point of view.  Well, I have one too.

4. Because many people can understand and can feel, but they do not believe.  I understand, I feel, and now, I want to believe.

3. Because people are inspiring.  I can no longer afford to hold back given how much people have contributed to making my life better.

2. Because most of the people that I know have the impression that I am this quiet, nice guy.  Really though, I am crazy.

1. Because I want to find people who see the world the same way that I do.  These people are out there.  Maybe they are not showing themselves because of fear or of some other reason.  Maybe I am not looking the right way or in the right place.  Whatever the case may be, this blog contributes to the effort of meeting more like-minded people.

The goal is not to bend or change ourselves so we fit the norm; the goal is to find the group in which we are the norm. No matter who we are, no matter what our values or beliefs, our tastes or proclivities, there is an entire culture or subculture out there just like us ... instead of expending energy to fit into the group, it's better to expend energy to find the group in which you fit.

‒ Simon Sinek

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