Sunday, March 2, 2014

what would hypnotica do?

I do not have the words to describe Eric von Sydow, a.k.a., Hypnotica.  Sage?  Poet?  Pick-up artist?  Perhaps none of the three, or even all of them.  As the man would like it himself, he would not put himself in a category.

I discovered Hypnotica about two years ago on the Internet.  I can no longer remember exactly how, though it's safe to say that I was browsing websites related to picking up women.  My search came to a halt when I stumbled on an interview of him titled "The Rise of The Renessaince Man - A Conversation With Hypnotica".

Hypnotica talked about the value of being a man that thrived in the presence of a woman's sexual energy.  In the process, he discussed his experience, described his philosophy, and gave some advice directed at men.  There was one particular part of the interview where he confirmed having walked through a shopping mall with a dildo taped to his head.  Imagine.  A dildo!  He admitted that some people had called that stupid.  Others had thought that he was just trying to build self-confidence.  But Hypnotica, the "inner game guru", could see beyond all that.  While self-confidence was part of the matter, what he really wanted was to desensitize himself to public ridicule.  Most importantly though, he wanted to be, in his own words, an "iconoclast thinker".

Although I am largely unfamiliar with the term, I would say that an iconoclast thinker is someone who not only sees the world differently but who also shapes his mind as he wants.  He is not bound to ways of thinking that are popular in society.  Actually, he is free from the conditioning that most people have been subjected to since childhood.  Clearly, an iconoclast thinker creates his own path in life, which is decidedly different from the one followed by the majority of people.

It goes without saying that I was enlightened after reading the interview.  As I had already become interested in the control of consciousness and in the ways of using this control to suppress fear, I could instantly relate to what Hypnotica was saying.  So I concurred when he stated that the way to reduce fear (if not eliminate it) was to embrace it in the circumstances where it was experienced; acting otherwise would do nothing but perpetuate it.  Hypnotica's approach to this kind of problem was extreme though.  And it was loud.  This guy wanted to hammer home the point.  Good thing that he did, because otherwise I may not have taken notice.  Operation Safe Sex was even inspired in part from his dildo experience (or rather from him sharing it).  Whenever I start feeling fearful moments before launching the operation, I try to focus by asking myself a simple question: "What would Hypnotica do?"  The answer comes straight away as a no-brainer: "He would forge ahead."  So ahead I have (almost) always forged, and ahead I plan to keep forging.

Recently, I recalled the interview.  I searched high and low for it on the Internet, to no avail.  I started regretting not having saved a copy for myself*.  Luckily, I was able to pick myself up after discovering that Hypnotica had published a book called "Metawhore: My Cock Don't Talk Politics".  It seemed to be the perfect consolation prize, and I wasted little time grabbing it off

It's a poignant, sensational book about Hypnotica's life experience thus far, presented in a no-holds-barred style.  "Metawhore is a journey through nonconformity, spiritual growth, and sexual expression, revealing the primal inner man and exploring the vast terrain of the female psyche.  It's a middle finger to social conditioning and a thumbs-up to individuality", says the first paragraph on the back cover.  Just enough to get me hooked.  I gobbed up everything like an impoverished kid in front of a buffet of cakes.  Quite simply, the book is badass.  I noted that the author used the phrase "it's just one of my temporary wacky social experiments" to reassure his worried parents before adopting a homeless lifestyle and that he wrote "I think for myself as a free spirit".  How about that.  Social experiments and free spiritedness were not just in my head after all.

For Hypnotica though, yet another virtual mentor, they were a way of life.

* This is not exactly true. I found just yesterday a part that I had saved of the interview in December 2011. And it is the part that matters.

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