Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a better respect

Il n’y a rien à « faire » pour se faire respecter des autres sinon apprendre à se respecter soi-même.

‒ Renaud Perronnet

(There is nothing to "do" to be respected by others if not learn to respect oneself.)

Wise words from Monsieur Perronnet, psychopractitioner and the mastermind behind EVOLUTE Conseil.  Besides, the statement seems intuitive and exudes a certain harmony.  At least that is what I think.  Yet I have sometimes wondered why this advice would be effective.

In my own experience, I have discovered that by respecting myself more often, especially my most intimate self, the question of wanting to be respected by others becomes secondary and, at times, pointless.  Gradually, the focus shifts from "me versus the others" to "me versus myself" or better yet ‒ "me for myself".  In other words, the need for respect translates to nothing more than a quest for self-discipline.  Which is a lovely thing since progress in such a discipline is, by definition, under one's control.

In the process of following this quest, you know yourself better, you understand yourself better, you make yourself work better.  Ultimately, you love yourself more.

I think that people respect that.

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